Two Cents




Creativity begins with listening. Disruption requires an understanding of the people.

Who is the audience? What is it that you want to say? How can it be made to leave a lasting impact on those that experience it?

We are a diverse band of thinkers. Some of us are strategic. Some of us are academic. Some of us are creative. Our mission is to help you create experiences that connect people to purpose. To do that well, we listen. We understand that our thoughts alone are only worth pennies, but together, a dream can become priceless.

A space created well inspires an authentic connection with others. Words that rub us the right way ignite change. The perfect picture is worth a thousand comments. That is why it’s worth the time it takes to create. We don’t simply the choose the brightest thinkers. We choose the right thinkers for you.

We began in 2013 simply creating irresistible experiences for events in Atlanta, GA. Today we help clients to all around plan, design, write, shoot, and build their dreams.

So what are you thinking? We’d love to give our two cents.